The Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation was established on 29th of May 1985, five years after the late Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira's unexpected death, donated by Mrs. Shigeko Ohira and his second son Hiroshi Ohira, with the support of the economic world such as Gaishi Hiraiwa, Chairman of Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations). Following a report on Authorization submitted by the Public Corporation Commission on 7th of March 2012, the Foundation was qualified and turned to a Public Interest Incorporated Fund, the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation. The ministry in charge had been the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the main activities were related to the development of the Pacific Basin Community Concept, by the end of March 2012 (business year 2011). The Prime Minister (the Cabinet Office) is in charge of the Foundation, due to the change to a public interest corporation, from the beginning of April 2012 (business year 2012).

Purpose of the Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to commemorate the achievement of late Prime Minister Ohira, to support academic studies and other activities on Pacific Basin Community Concept which forms an important part of Japanfs foreign policy, and thereby to contribute to development of the concept and the spread of the thought.

Main activities of the Foundation
The foundationfs main activities are as follows:

(1) To award " the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize " for excellent books on politics, economics, culture, and technology, which contribute to the development of the Pacific Basin Community Concept.
(2) To support and provide excellent co- or individual researches on politics, economics, culture, and technology, which are appropriate to develop the Pacific Basin Community Concept, with Subsidy on Pacific Basin Research.
(3) To grant scholarships to graduate students in financial difficulties at the Iwate University, who major in excellent studies on politics, economics, culture, and technology, which are appropriate to develop the Pacific Basin Community Concept.
(4) To subsidize joint projects with Beijing Center for Japanese Studies to cultivate researchers of Japanese studies in China.
(5) To publish and distribute late Prime Minister Ohira's biographies, books of his own writings and studies on him to promote comprehensive acceptance of the Pacific Basin Community Concept.
(6) To exhibit materials and so on regarding late Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira through public institutions and also to publish advertising materials.
(7) To do other activities necessary to fulfill the purpose written above.

Board of Directors
President Hiroshi Ohira
Executive Director Hiroshi Ohira
Directors Yuzo Ishibashi Hiroyuki Otake
Tomonori Ohira Tadashi Ogawa
Junji Ogura Seiichi Saita
Yohei Suzuki Takashi Mabuchi

Auditors Kenji Manabe Shinji Fukukawa
Trustees Atsushi Abe Naoko Ishibashi
Yukimasa Ozaki Hirokazu Saita
Yoshiyasu Sato Shinichiro Shiranishi
Takashi Suzuki Masaaki Taira
Minoru Nagaoka Hajime Morita
Motohisa Yoshimura Kouichirou Tsutsumi

The Selection Committee

The General Committee
Adviser Akio Watanabe Vice President, Research Institute for Peace and Security
  Kazuko Mouri Professor emiritus,Waseda University
Chairman Toshio Watanabe President, Takushoku University
Members Masaki Moritani Professor emiritus,The Open University of Japan
Katsuji Nakagane Professor emiritus,Tokyo University
Susumu Yamakage Professor, Aoyama-gakuin University
Akira Suehiro Professor, Tokyo University
Junko Kato Professor, Tokyo University
Hidenobu Okuda Professor, Hitotsubashi University